The art blog of Trevor Henderson, an illustrator currently working in the city of Toronto, Ontario. As a child, his mind was shaped and molded by horror and science fiction comics, pulp novels, monster toys, and a never-ending stream of horror films of varying quality.
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Selling my painting of the mutant from the 1980’s slasher film, “The Funhouse”. $250, but make me an offer if you’re interested. It’s acrylic ink on a 16 x 20 paint panel.


Hey guys! I’m going to be retiring a bunch of my older prints from my Etsy store to make room for some new art coming soon, so from now until Friday may be your last chance to grab a print! Additionally, if you enter the code “CANADACREEP”, you can get 20% off any print over $20.00 until this coming Friday! Happy Canada Day, creeps!